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Elysian Fields

This acrylic painting is inspired by the Greek version of a pleasant afterlife in the Elysian Fields. Cerberus the three-headed dog sits in the bottom of the painting. To most he is a fearful monster, to me is is a like a sheep dog keeping watch over his master’s flock, in this cause the flock is souls of the dead. The butterfly in the top of the painting is Thanatos the embodiment of death.  The sun is a representation of time. Some would consider this a morbid subject matter, but I see this painting as peaceful and calming as Christians would view a painting of heaven and angles. The painting is three feet across and 2 feet tall.

 Elyssian Fields

Four Seasons

Here is my latest painting project. It is a four panel acrylic painting depicting the four season in a whimsical approach. The first panel is spring represented by a blooming cherry tree and Moo-shi Fox. The second is summer represented with a weeping willow and Sul Otter. The third is a oak tree in its autumn splendor with Oak Wind Owl. The last is winter with a pine tree and a un-named wild cat. The characters are something I am working on and wold love to turn in to a kids book series one day. The cat is the only one I haven’t got perfected or should I say purr-fected yet.

four season

Shamrock Knot-work

This piece of knot-work was a little something I drew for a friend, to be added to his scrapbook. The wording was given to me, if I remember correctly he said it was Welsh, something about an Irish car club.

The picture is  done with an  ink outline, and the color is pencil.  the actual size is about 9 inches X 12 inches

Shamrock knot-work

Learning to Tool Leather

So I decided on a whim to try my hand at leather tooling. I got a quick lesson from a friend who does this as part of his Viking Reenactment.  I found the art form is time consuming, takes discipline and time to develop the ‘touch”. Enjoyable though. I got lucky and had my friend loan me some of his tools, cause if I had to buy everything, I would be even more broke than I am now.

I feel my art translates well in this medium, and is something I will continue to play around with. The following picture is a humming bird of my own design. This is the third piece I attempted and was pleased with the results. I am sure with time I can master this medium. The color was done using my kid’s  markers.

humming bird on leather

Whimsical Bird Wall Mural

This is a mural I did in my art room in the basement. I use acrylic paints for the bird and the background is a basic latex wall paint.


I Love Horror Movies!

I have been on this big horror movie kick lately.  I really like the kinds where the major characters go in to a old creep manor home and and uncover its dark past. There is some twisted pleasure I think we all get from these types of stories of how the rich and powerful were really miserable and died before they could “enjoy” their wealth.

I think after that for me comes the old insane asylums and ghost stories. Not an actual fan of out right ‘hack and slash’ films, although ‘The Cabin in the Woods” and “Dale and Tucker vs. Evil” are pretty good. They are well put together ‘hack and slashes’ that subtly poke fun of the genera.

So any ways this ink sketch was inspired by my love of horror flicks. Its got the Cthulhu  cloud formation, creepy mansion, private cemetery, dead tree, foreboding cliffs ,and view inside a crypt.

The Forgotten

Coyote Moon

This an Acrylic painting on a piece of plywood. The painting is a functional bit of art covering a plumbing access. The theme was picked by my daughter, since it's in her room.

This is an acrylic painting on a piece of plywood. The painting is a functional bit of art covering a plumbing access. The theme was picked by my daughter, since it’s in her room.


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